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April 2022

VERY MOVING,  public art commission in Miami Beach, FL on Espanola Way.

Prothesis at Haynes Court in Chicago.

Surface Level group show DIMIN Gallery, NYC.


July 2021


In addition to the show, SECCA commissioned large scale sculpture that floats on the lake behind the museum.

May 2021

So, last week marked exactly 10 years since I Am Your Grandma was released and went on to become an unlikely sensation in both art and pop culture, racking up millions of views, hundreds of covers and remakes, screening at film festivals like SXSW, exhibiting in museums, being on weird tv shows that have celebrities ( not really sure who they are tbh) reacting to them, and landing on the cover of Art Papers Magazine.

A lot has changed in terms of online video and art over the past ten years, yet somehow, I Am Your Grandma persists to this day as a popular TikTok song, where it has been rediscovered by a generation of people too young to remember when it was first released, and remade thousands of times.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of this work that exists somewhere between internet oddity, pop music video, sincere family heirloom, and serious-minded art, tomorrow, I'm releasing a new video called "Grandma is Watching,"












on my Youtube Channel as well as a single NFT 10th Anniversary Edition of "I Am Your Grandma" on Foundation.

The mayor of Coral Gables proclaimed May 12th as I AM YOUR GRANDMA DAY. lol

In Miami, the historic Flager Street is hosting a storefront take over with a few artists thanks to the Downtown Development Audio and Mana Contemporary.  Here is a peek at my window :0)




After openings at UB Galleries in Buffalo and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Nebraska, my solo exhibition, TIMESHARE,  curated by Rachel Adams, is traveling to SEECA , Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Art Forum gave it a Critic's Pick when they saw it at the UB Art Galleries. 




















I made a 4 min. video walk-through of the exhibit,
click the image below if you would like to check it out.



Kaiju Bunraku was selected to be included in the Criterion Collections!

Watch it here on vimeo :-)

























 (╹◡╹) (╹◡╹)  (╹◡╹)  (╹◡╹)  (╹◡╹)  (╹◡╹)  (╹◡╹) 



Current SOLO Shows:

 Still Life Scans: Jillian Mayer, Miami International Airport, Miami, FL. 


Upcoming Shows/Screenings: 

 TIMESHARE, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art | Winston-Salem, NC, July 15th







Flagler University (Fall 2021)


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