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Mayer’s latest solo show reflects their continued investigation of the cross-over between bunker/fall out-shelters and approachability through its expression of research in aesthetics and practicality. As our generation faces ecological, infrastructural, and environmental uncertainty, this installation promotes preparing to live underground or in a flat-packing residence customized to one's particular creative taste. For COMPOUND, Mayer designed and constructed her own site-specific imagined survival site within the gallery. At the epicenter, a large fabricated upcycled dome has been expanded to a bunker. The perimeter of the gallery is lined with found objects and handmade artworks: an industrial electrical cabinet, a satellite dish, glassworks, and ceramic vessels. When combined, these elements make up a unique installation that could be defined as a Survivalist’s stage set.

#recycle #reuse #reduce #restore #bunker #survive


COMPOUND is on view till Nov 22 at the Lambla Gallery at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

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