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Aluminum, steel, pigment, hardware
Commissioned by Miami Beach Art in Public Places

The City Miami of Miami Beach is pleased to present Very Moving, a newly-commissioned installation by Miami-based artist Jillian Mayer. Very Moving is the second installment of Elevate Española, a public art program launched by the city in 2022 that biannually commissions contemporary artists to create installations suspended in midair over the East Corridor of Española Way, located between Washington and Collins avenues.

Jillian Mayer’s work explores how technology affects our lives, bodies, and identities by processing how our physical world and selves are impacted by a digital landscape. Above Española Way, Very Moving will feature a system of mobiles to create a kinetic sculpture and painting installation that is representative of our increasingly fractional rapid-fire intake of online images. A grid of painted abstract metal shapes perpetually twirl in the work, seemingly on the verge of collision but saved by their synchronization. The viewer is never able to see the entire choreography of the piece at once. Mayer states that “the movement of the artwork is the art piece.”

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