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Fiberglass, resin, found foam, wood, foam, rubber, poly pigments - 14 x 9 x 16 ft
Commissioned by NO VACANCY/ Art in Public Places 
jillian- mayer.png

Presented as an interactive sculptural installation, FORT is motivated by Mayer's concern that our cities, buildings and furniture will soon resemble the computer programs in which they were designed; clean lines on horizontal planes based on the optimization of manufacturing and their ability to be shipped flat efficiently.

Fort is a rejection of this. It promotes organic handmade edges that recall adobes, igloos and other organic dwellings. Mayer upcycles foam and found materials (such as Amazon Prime cardboard boxes and wood crates used to ship art works). 

As engineers and strategists have always responded to core current issues in society, FORT is no exception. As this public art structure is designed to be interactive and intended to be touched, hand sanitizing stations are included in this sculpture. With a light source running the FORT on solar powered energy, Mayer points to our civilizations' push toward off-grid capabilities in times of evaluation of energy and fossil fuel waste. 

Despite employing materials associated with mass-production (such as fiberglass and epoxy resin) in her sculptural work, hers is a distinctly hand-crafted approach. She is interested in reframing the way we encounter these materials and imbuing them with a personal, tactile, and emotional quality.

The aesthetics of this new work are informed by Mayer’s Slumpies, which are a series of sculptures that position themselves as utilitarian objects. Slumpies acknowledge our ever-increasing relationship with technological devices, relieving us of the need to support our own bodies while we interface with the digital world. They are a solution to an endemic problem of our contemporary moment—the type of issue that can arise only in the context of a technologically driven, luxury-saturated, consumer-oriented marketplace.

Mayers’s recent works have shifted to focus on a world without our current fully integrated technological status to one influenced by the preparedness and value adjustments of the world of survivalists.

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