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Time Share 2019

First presented at UB Galleries at Buffalo in Feb 2019, then at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Nov 2019

Nov 19th 2019- Feb 15th 2020 


Jillian Mayer’s  TIMESHARE, an exhibition that considers environmental collapse, reflectivity, leisure, adaptation, privilege, the institution, and art.

Inspired by prepper and survivalist subcultures in the wake of global climate change, Mayer’s fiberglass sculptures, ceramic forms, and paintings seem to point to one harsh reality: time is running out. With environmental and infrastructural collapse in mind, the exhibited works are tongue-in-cheek propositions on how humans might discover new ways to adapt to the natural world.  Mayer explores how art can become functional during times of disaster or when the planet becomes uninhabitable.

Catalogs are available for purchase through the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. 

This is a 4 min walkthrough of the show. 

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