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IMPRESSIONS - Billboard Campaigns

Los Angeles | New York | Miami

As part of her IMPRESSIONS series, Mayer launched a billboard campaign that examines new ways of looking and being seen. Mayer playfully subverts the relationship between contemporary object and viewer, engaging the emotional and rhetorical tools of marketing to probe what it means for the human body to be calculable and algorithmically legibleIn the face of ever-present surveillance, Mayer asks us to recognize the ways in which we are objectified and quantified, and infiltrate the technology that tracks us to find the private in the public.

Click here to watch the video component of this series.

Measurements (2016) from IMPRESSIONS. Developed in collaboration with curator Anna Frost, OUTFRONT Media and Bas Fisher Invitational.

Arrows (2016) from IMPRESSIONS

Speak in Code (2017) from IMPRESSIONS. Commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. 

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