Acknowledging our ever-increasing relationship with one of mankind's best inventions, the smart phone, Mayer's “Slumpie” sculptures are functional structures meant to relieve the human body of its duty to support both its own weight and the figurative weight of technology. Viewers are allowed to interact (ie. slump upon) these structures, and select structures will emit Wi-Fi during specific times. As the artist explains, “With new research indicating that smartphone users spend an average of 4.7 hours on their devices daily, one must wonder why there has not been an increase in physical structures that will help support the human body in this journey to connect globally through their phone.”

This exhibition is accompanied by Jillian Mayer's participation in the LAXART Public Domain platform. During the run of her show, Mayer will be presenting a site-specific billboard. Forthcoming projects with LAXART Public Domain include a series of short videos to be presented as part of the Digital Billboard series on the Sunset Strip.