400 Nudes Montreal Biennial

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

10.22.2014 - 1.4.2015

Jillian Mayer’s project began with her selection of four hundred nude selfies of women of all ages, shapes and races from the pool of millions available on the Internet. She then set up photo shoots to remake them, digitally altering the composite photos to realistically replace the original faces with her own.

To explore the gaps, as well as the overlaps, between different networks of image consumption, she then re-uploaded the photos to various platforms on the net and has made them available as printed takeaway images to Biennale visitors.

400 Nudes
tackles questions of identity, authenticity and sexuality through a transhumanist lens. It touches upon current pop culture conversations around revenge porn, feminism in the age of Snapchat and the nature of exhibitionism, voyeurism, shame, security and privacy within the paradigm of search engines and their seemingly endless (and eternal) streams of content.

Please go to 400Nudes.com to view the work.